Barça Launches Legal Battle Against Zenit, Demanding €490,000 for Malcom Transfer

Barça Demands €490,000 from Zenit: The Legal Battle Everyone’s Talking About

FC Barcelona has taken Zenit Saint Petersburg to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (TAS), demanding €490,000 in unpaid bonuses related to the transfer of Brazilian talent, Malcom. With the hearing scheduled for March 22, the football world is buzzing with anticipation over the outcome of this dramatic dispute.

The Bonus Battle: What’s at Stake?

The bonus in question, agreed upon during Malcom’s transfer to Barcelona in 2019, has yet to be received by the club. Barcelona firmly believes that Zenit Saint Petersburg owes them the sum stated in the contract, amounting to almost half a million euros. Unsatisfied with Zenit’s refusal to pay, Barcelona has escalated the matter by pursuing legal action before the TAS, the highest sports arbitration body.

Zenit’s Defense: A War-Induced Suspension?

Zenit Saint Petersburg, however, claims that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is the reason for their non-payment. With sports competitions suspended as a result of the conflict, Zenit attempts to find solace in these circumstances. But Barcelona is determined to hold them accountable and seeks justice through the TAS.

The Clash Over Malcom: Unraveling the Story

The disagreement stems from the bonus clause specifying that Barcelona would receive the amount each time Zenit qualified for the Champions League group stage. However, this was contingent on Malcom playing in at least half of the Champions League matches—a privilege granted due to his successful performance in the Russian league.

However, FIFA’s ruling in 2023 came as a blow to Barcelona’s expectations. The governing body stated that Zenit Saint Petersburg was exempt from paying the bonus since they were excluded from the prestigious European competition for the 2022/2023 season.

The Legal Showdown: What Lies Ahead

Unwilling to accept FIFA’s decision, Barcelona’s determination led them to present their case before the CAS. The anticipation now builds as the CAS has officially announced that the hearing to resolve this contentious matter will be held on March 22. Football enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the final verdict of this high-stakes legal battle.

Malcom’s Journey: From Barcelona to Al-Hilal Saudi

In the midst of this legal whirlwind, Malcom Filipe Silva de Oliveira currently finds himself playing for Al-Hilal Saudi. His time at Barcelona, during the 2018/2019 season, saw him score four crucial goals, including an unforgettable strike against Inter Milan in the Champions League. Prior to his stint at Barcelona, Malcom spent four years in Saint Petersburg, featuring in 109 games and netting an impressive tally of 42 goals.

As this legal saga unfolds, the football world remains captivated by the clash between Barcelona and Zenit. Only time will tell how this legal battle will conclude, leaving fans anxiously awaiting the verdict that will impact both clubs. Stay tuned for more updates as the hearing approaches.